Not everybody gets to have a fucked up life. With a fucked up past, a fucked up childhood. Not everyone gets to come from nothing and work and claw their way into something. Not everyone gets to open their eyes one day and realize how extremely fucked up everything is. Their surroundings, their live, themselves.

I did. I got to see, at the young age of 36, just how fucked up everything was. I got to take off the rose colored glasses and see all of the craziness and bullshit for what it was. I got to see how I contributed to the craziness and bullshit. And that is how I began to dig myself out of the hole I was living in.

That’s where the luck came in. I was finally allowing myself to take responsibility for what I have done. Or didn’t do. I could let myself feel the guilt of my actions. And I could forgive myself and move forward. I can see other peoples craziness, and understand. They are sick. They need prayers.

And I get to meet so many amazing people. Recovering alcoholics and addicts are amazing. They are the people that you want in your corner. They are understanding. They are honest. And they are so kind. And I am grateful to be one of them.

I mean, we all have to be something. I am a grateful alcoholic.


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